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College Coaches will recruit 10-15 athletes for one roster opening. You should too!

When you begin your high school athletic career you might also be thinking about playing college sports. Without an experienced guide, you can be lost in the complicated world of sports recruitment. Athletic Quest is the answer to the questions you will have as you begin to navigate yourself on this journey. Athletic Quest lives on the cutting edge of sports recruitment and can insure that your dreams come true. Call now and speak to a college coach mentor and learn more about what we have to offer, 800-467-7885.

As Jeff Arbogast, President of the National High School Coaches Association says, Athletic Quest is “The most important and essential tool available for preparing a high school athlete in their quest for success to the next level.” These are pretty powerful words from a man involved in the sports recruitment arena; and an enormous vote of confidence for Athletic Quest. Huge benefits will be yours with the sports recruitment system that our college coach recruiters put in place for you. It has been successful for 100% of our student athletes. On average our athletes receive twenty college opportunities to choose from.

Every year 15.2 million athletes play in over 30,000 high schools in this country. Unfortunately only 5% of high school seniors in your sport will get to play college athletics. This is why your sports recruitment experience is so important. You will only get one shot at playing college sports, don't put your future in the hands of an amateur or someone that watches ESPN but has never been a college coach. Don't put your future in the hands of an amateur. When it comes to sports recruitment, there is no doubt you will see that Athletic Quest will provide you with the greatest opportunities to further your education and athletic career.

Athletic Quest is the only sports recruitment organization that is made up exclusively of current and former college coaches and recruiters. Only former college coaches are assigned as mentors for our high school student athletes. One on one guidance, and a tailor made plan for success is what our system is based on. Failure is not an option; we will work for you from step one, through the exploration process, negotiations, signing and enrollment. Your sports recruitment worries will be taken off of your shoulders and placed on ours. We can help you safely navigate the college sports recruitment process. Get more of your questions answered by filling out our contact form or give us a call at 800-467-7885.

This great sports recruitment testimony is offered by Troy Bunting when he was a high school senior and All State football player/MVP; “I thought schools would be lining up to sign me, I was wrong. Come one month before signing day I had heard from maybe three schools. About that same time I learned about Athletic Quest. They are the reason I am playing college football. Within 2 weeks of starting their program I had 25+ offers. And, they saved me lots of money.” That says it all!

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