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RULE #4: YOU DON'T GET TO PICK THE COLLEGE, THE COLLEGE GETS TO PICK YOU. - If a coach is not maintaining weekly contact with you, you're not in their TOP 5.

Helping Athletes to find Colleges,
Helping Colleges to find Athletes®

HIGH SCHOOL COACHES: Helping your student athletes to find the right college program is not easy if you're a high school coach. It takes a lot of work and at best you may be able to find only a few colleges even looking for their position.

COLLEGE COACHES: Trying to find college prospects is a big challenge. Now you can have access to hundreds of athletes by position or events that you need to recruit at the click of a button.

High School Coaches

Every year, every school has a few to a few dozen athletes that could have gone on to play in college and don't. We can help solve the College Recruiting Puzzle.

College Coaches and Recruiters

Tired of Scouting? Would you like a better way to find 100'S of College Prospects from your Home Office?

"Too many athletes try to "Walk On" each year and get cut. You need to choose a college program that is as excited about you as you are about them. If you don't, you won´t be competing in college. Frequency of contact and interest shown by a coach are clear signs."
- Coach John Scott - C.E.O Athletic Quest - National Seminar Speaker

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