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Less than 1% of high school athletes will play NCAA Division I. There are plenty of funding options and opportunities.

Every serious and talented high school athlete would like to take advantage of a sport scholarship to a college or university if possible. Many times this same athlete does not know where to turn to find out the steps he/she must take in order to even be considered for a sport scholarship. You may look around and wonder how some athletes are so "lucky" that they have been not only accepted into a great college, but have a sport scholarship to go with it. You know you have what it takes to be that successful also.

One of the best courses of action for you to take is to go to a company who has a track record for helping athletes with the sport scholarship desires. Athletic Quest is the go-to company for this purpose. We are College Coaches.

Why Athletic Quest?

We have the experience, the expertise, the process and procedure, the success from which every athlete can benefit. A sport scholarship is very realistic for a serious and talented high school athlete. Attaining a sport scholarship significantly reduces the cost for a college education, as well as providing the athlete with invaluable experience in his/her sport. And Athletic Quest knows how to impact those college tuition dollars by leading an athlete to a sport scholarship.

The team at Athletic Quest is made up completely of current and former college coaches. Our mentoring coaches have all been college coaches. We have the expertise from the college side to help those aspiring athletes with their college dreams. We know what it takes to qualify for a scholarship and we have college recruiting skills and background to take an athlete from start to finish on the road to a sport scholarship.

There are many companies who may promise to deliver the desired results – a sport scholarship – to you, as a high school athlete. We, at Athletic Quest, are proven to deliver the best results. Just visit our various pages on this website to see our significant results and success that we have achieved. Perhaps you would like to read what other people may be saying about us. Read our testimonials and learn just how effective we have been and are. You can see that we cover all types of sports – in men's and women's categories – and being awarded a sport scholarship in any of those sports is a reality by coming to our team at Athletic Quest.

Benefit from our team's decades of experience and let us guide you to your best chance ever for a scholarship. Call us at 800-467-7785 today so we can get you started on your path to achievement. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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