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Earn $100,000 for College

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RULE #8: GO WHERE YOU'RE WANTED, NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. - If you're not getting calls at least 2X monthly by a college coach, you're not in their Top 10 list.



PAYING FOR COLLEGE is a bigger issue than it has ever been in the past. Families are taking out ten's of thousand's of dollars on 2nd mortgages, student loans or borrowing from their families. There is an easier way.

FOLLOW A COLLEGE FUNDING GAME PLAN. Sounds simple, but how much experience do you have in getting maximum opportunities and dollars to pay for college? Our team of college coaches are experts and have decades of experience in getting more funding for collegeā€¦FAST. We can guide you through the college money maze step by step and with much less stress or worry.

If you could invest a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and get back $50,000 or $150,000 for a college education, would you? Now you can.

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