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High School Recruiting

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If they believe in you, they will help you to get some money.

High School Recruiting

Athletic Quest is the only high school recruiting organization in the country owned exclusively by college coaches. Our highly experienced group will insure that you will be seen and sought after by multiple colleges. In fact, 100% of the student athletes we have represented have received multiple scholarship opportunities.  So the question won't be 'if' you receive an offer, it will be 'how many' and which one do you accept. Athletic Quest is tops in the business of high school recruiting and can make your dreams come true. Call now and put us to work for you, 800-466-7885.

You have probably played sports all of your life, and dreamed of playing at the college and professional level.  Our staff of former college coaches have decades of experience and will guide you through the high school recruiting process and put you on the path to success. Statistics show that only five in 100 high school seniors will play college sports. Let Athletic Quest promote you, and make sure that you are one of those players. Let us increase your opportunities by making sure that all the coaches in the country know who you are and what you are capable of.

It will be nearly impossible for you to maintain your studies, train, and also promote yourself to a college coach or athletic director. So, let Athletic Quest coordinate all of your high school recruiting business while you focus on your classes and your health. You may not know what is required of you to qualify for a scholarship. You can't be expected to sift through all of the documents and know exactly what to do and when to do it. The agents with Athletic Quest are well versed in all rules and regulations regarding high school recruiting. They will be sure you file at the appropriate time and that you meet all eligibility standards.

Keep your mind open to all the possibilities there are for you and Athletic Quest will lead you to your greatest opportunity. Don't lock yourself into one college for sentimental or other reasons. High school recruiting opportunities can come from colleges you may not have heard of. To help you with the high school recruiting process, our team of college recruiters have all had college playing, coaching, or recruiting experience. They are highly qualified to help you navigate the high school recruiting system. Our team has worked every level of college competition; from NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA, to Junior College. Collectively, they have over two centuries of college coaching experience. Be confident that you are in the best hands with Athletic Quest.

Take control of your future, contact Athletic Quest. Let our coaches prepare a game plan for you and get you started on your path to successful college play. Take the pressure off of your high school coaches, your parents and you. Secure your future college education by kick starting your high school recruiting right now.

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