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RULE #8: GO WHERE YOU'RE WANTED, NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. - If you're not getting calls at least 2X monthly by a college coach, you're not in their Top 10 list.

When your basketball playing turns from being competitive fun to an avenue for a college education, you will need the expertise of Athletic Quest to put you on the road to success. College basketball recruiting is much more complicated today than ever. One missed deadline can mean the end of a great opportunity, a great career, and a great future. Let Athletic Quest put you in the 5% of high school athletes that receives a college scholarship each year. It's an exclusive club that Athletic Quest can gain your entry into.

Beginning in your freshman year of high school, you should be setting the stage for your entry into college athletics. Just as you will prepare for your college education with scholastic achievement and testing, you should do the same with your basketball recruiting program. You would never attempt to obtain a full academic scholarship without the guidance of those knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the system. The same applies to the basketball recruiting world. This is where the expertise of Athletic Quest and its team of college coach mentors will prove to be your best play.

Contact Athletic Quest now and we will begin to put together a step by step strategy that will put you in front of hundreds of coaches and basketball recruiting program opportunities.

Your coach mentor will provide personal service and direction that you could never be expected to know on your own. You can't expect your parents or coaches to keep up with the many changes in the basketball recruiting process. And, the rules for basketball recruiting can be impossible to follow unless you recruit athletes on a daily basis. This is such a heavy burden that many quality athletes miss fantastic opportunities because of deadlines or paperwork. Call Athletic Quest now and ease your mind,

Get on with the business of training, and studying, and let us do the rest.

With 2,200 college basketball programs available to you, there will be a perfect fit for your style. Let the team at Athletic Quest do the research that is needed for your basketball recruiting needs and you will be thrilled at the number of opportunities they will find for you. You might be amazed that 100% of our student athletes receive multiple college offers. And, all receive scholarships. No other basketball recruiting team produces those numbers. Read some of our athletes' testimonies and see what Athletic Quest has done for them. Then, put us to work for you!

Athletic Quest is the only basketball recruiting organization that is owned and operated exclusively by former college coaches, athletes, and recruiters. No other company has the experience we have. No other company has the access we have to the individuals working in college basketball recruiting. Spending thousands of dollars traveling all over the country 'scouting' new players is a thing of the past. With Athletic Quest you are assured the greatest opportunity to be seen, and awarded a scholarship.

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