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Football Recruiting

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RULE #7: "WALK ON" means WALK OFF.
It costs coaches nothing to invite hundreds of athletes to "Walk On" to their team each year, and they do!

Football Recruiting

Every young football player dreams of playing in the college ranks. They have watched games on TV, and maybe even attended some with their family. Unfortunately, football recruiting is a lot more difficult than they can imagine. Only 5% of all high school football players will receive a college scholarship. Let Athletic Quest help make your dreams a reality.

The expert team at Athletic Quest has a 100% success rate for our high school football recruiting program. All of the student athletes that we work with receive numerous offers for college opportunities. Put your football recruiting future in our hands, and you can rest easy. Just focus on having the greatest high school experience you possibly can. Study hard, play hard, and worry less! Athletic Quest will lead you through the football recruiting process and insure you success. Call and talk a college coach recruiter 800-467-7885 and we will begin developing a strategy for you.

If you are a Division I player and you aren't receiving letters from colleges for football recruiting, ask yourself; how do they know I'm available? If you don't have someone actively promoting you, the college recruiters won't even know you exist. They will want to see you in action, but may not be able to come to your area. Football recruiting budgets for most colleges are less than two thousand dollars. This doesn't afford them many travel opportunities. It will be up to you to seek them out and promote yourself. That is nearly impossible for you to do on your own. And, the ins and outs of the football recruiting can be mind boggling. One missed deadline can ruin your chances for a scholarship. Put together a proven college prospect package for you, in action, for college coaches to see.

Athletic Quest will put together a fantastic promotional package of you, in action, for all to see. We have an awesome team of technicians to design a cutting edge film presentation that even the pros will envy. Every serious player will use this football recruiting tool, and it can make a huge difference in your outcome. We know what the college recruiters want to see, and we will be sure your game film shows your best. Since we have been players, coaches, and college recruiters ourselves, this package will be exactly what the college football recruiting coaches want.

You can be sure that you will receive attentive, personal service and a coach mentor will be assigned to lead you through your journey. You will always have unlimited access to your coach coach mentor. The coaches at Athletic Quest take great pride in helping to locate the best fit for you, for your educational and athletic endeavors. We take college football recruiting very seriously. We are proud to be a part of a team that helps student atheletes receive a great education and succeed in making their dreams come true. Read our student athlete success stories, then add your name to the list.

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