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RULE #7: "WALK ON" means WALK OFF.
It costs coaches nothing to invite hundreds of athletes to "Walk On" to their team each year, and they do!

Do you know when to start searching for athletic scholarships? You might be surprised to learn that even before you play varsity high school sports you can develop a strategy and put an action plan in place. Athletic Quest will guide you through this process and insure that you receive multiple offers of athletic scholarships. If this sounds like the future you have dreamed of, call us now and learn more about what we can do for you, 800-467-7885.

Each year more that 15.2 million high school athletes will be involved in sports programs in their schools. Only 5% of seniors will actually go on to play in college. Your chances of receiving athletic scholarships will be next to none without help. The college coach mentors at Athletic Quest will put you on the path to success, insure that you receive several offers, and help you choose the best athletic scholarships for you. We are the only organization owned and operated exclusively by former college athletes, coaches and recruiters. We have been in your shoes and we can guide you in a way that no one else can. Learn more about our organization at http://www.athleticquest.net.

With over 15.2 million high school students participating in athletic programs each year in the United States, the top players every year still only have a one in four chance of receiving athletic scholarships. These are poor odds when you are working without the help of a recruiter. Knowing that 100% of Athletic Quest's student athletes receive multiples offers for athletic scholarships should inspire you to talk to our coach mentors. Find out what we can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. You can put your mind at ease and focus on your training and academics knowing we are working for you and athletic scholarships are in your future.

Every year the rules and regulations for athletic scholarships can change. Applications, deadlines and availability will change with very little notice to recruiters. You, as a high school athlete can't be expected to know everything about athletic scholarships. It will take an expert to help you navigate the system. Let the team at Athletic Quest be sure that you are not left behind. As Tiffany Powell from Bear River High School can attest "I come from a small rural town and no colleges even knew I was on the radar." Tiffany ended up playing college basketball, and owes it all to Athletic Quest.

With 90% of all initial recruiting done by college coaches taking place over the internet now, the business of athletic scholarships is very different than it was years ago. Budgets for travel are usually under $2,000.00 at most colleges. This leaves very little face time for you to have with recruiters. But, Athletic Quest has unlimited access and great working relationships with all the college recruiters. Let us be your ticket to great athletic scholarships, and a promising future.

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