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Recruiting Realities and Facts

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College Coaches will recruit 10-15 athletes for one roster opening. You should too!

REAL SPORTS RECRUITING FACTS! Here are fast facts you should know about college recruiting:


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    COLLEGE COMPETITION LEVELS are broken down into "Revenue" versus "Non Revenue Sports". Those that DO HAVE a lot of money to spend on college sports recruiting and those that DON'T HAVE much money to spend on college sports recruiting. 90% of college teams are "non-revenue" sports.

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    LESS THAN .08% of all high school athletes will have the opportunity to play at an NCAA Division I blue chip, major college program. That's a lot of adjectives to describe the top of the mountain in college athletics. Less than 1% of high school athletes will compete at the NCAA Division I level!

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    DON'T PLAY the "FAME GAME". Don't pick a college to attend because of it's name being well known, rather pick a college that you can have the best opportunities to get a good education, have some of your college paid for and to play college sports.

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    IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, IT ONLY MATTERS IF A COLLEGE COACH BELIEVES IN YOU. Don't determine to walk on to a big time program just because your mom, dad or high school coach believes in you. It only matters if the college coach believes in you. If they do not recruit you, you will not be playing there. This brings us to the next fact.

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    EXPAND DON'T DEMAND. Expand the number of colleges you consider to attend and play at; don't demand in your own mind that you will only go to just one college. College coaches recruit at least 10-15 student athletes for your player position. Typically college coaches will recruit 10-15 different athletes for just one roster opening!

  • 06

    DO THE NUMBERS. According to the National Federation of High School Athletics, there are more than 15.2 million high school athletes. There are only 2,200 colleges with athletic programs. How good is your math?

75% of all high school athletes that make all league, never get recruited by colleges!"

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