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Less than 1% of high school athletes will play NCAA Division I. There are plenty of funding options and opportunities.

Every top college is actively looking for the best athletes to build, strengthen and enhance their athletic programs. Each of those colleges has an athletic recruiting program to find just the right fit of athletes to each of their sports programs.

You may ask, "How do I get involved in being considered by a college's athletic recruiting team."  You are certain it is not an easy task and you are not certain where to turn to get the best results for your situation.

Athletic recruiting is one of the strong programs that we offer at Athletic Quest. Our team of college coaches knows exactly what needs to be done and how to work our athletic recruiting program for the benefit of each and every desiring and deserving athlete - like you!

Your time is spent working hard at your sport, developing your talent and skill, and practicing and playing with focus and determination. You have thought about athletic recruiting and what that means for you, but the time it takes to research and make calls and write letters and determine the right path is just not there for you. You need help!

Athletic Quest is your answer. We are in the business of helping athletes such as you and using the best athletic recruiting techniques to get you into the college of your choice – the college that will best use your talent and skills. All you need to know is – to contact our team at Athletic Quest. You can call us at 800-467-7885, or write us at: P.O. Box 95030, South Jordan, UT, 84095, or fill out our contact form on our website.

What you will get in return is the belief and confidence that our team of college coaches will be working with and for you, using our athletic recruiting program, to sort out the choices and opportunities for you. We will get your parents involved, your current coaches, your friends and teammates as needed. Our athletic recruiting is comprehensive and complete. That is how we achieve the best results of any athletic recruiting company out there. And much of this success comes from the experience of our team of college coaches.

We offer seminars where you can learn about athletic recruiting - the truth about athletic recruiting. It is vital that you know the facts as you proceed down this path, and we have that for you.

We are the experts and we are ready to help you with your questions about athletic recruiting. Contact us and let us be your best resource.

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